Get to Know your Candidate.

  1. I have worked in education for twenty six years with a boots on the ground approach. I want to bring my extensive school system experience and education to PWCS. I have been a member of an education association for the entire length of my 26 year career, as a member of NEA for 20 years and now as a member of the Federation of Professional Educators.  I am an award winning leader in FCPS, Mentor to FCPS Staff members and advocate for education.  I want to share this experience with PWCS.   I am the change we need in the Coles District and the voice we deserve. I am passionate and committed to working hard for PWCS.  I am not a career politician, I do believe wholeheartedly in the sanctity of public education and providing a world class education for all students. 100% of my focus, passion and dedication is on education.  I am dedicated to learning all aspects of PWCS to better serve our community. We all want quality education for our students… first, not politics. We are in this together.
  2. What steps will you take to establish and maintain effective collaboration with all constituent groups (taxpayers, service groups, special interest groups, etc.) you serve?
  • My goal is transparency with my constituents through communicating with the Coles Community about their specific needs. I want them to be comfortable coming to me with questions and concerns, and not worry that I am pushing some hidden political agenda. I want to be their voice on the school board who represents our community’s diverse needs in PWCS decisions.
  • I have been actively involved in my area of the Coles District.  In recent years my current school board candidate was not as active in the schools as other school board members in PWCS.  For example , at one local school he attended only one SAC Committee meeting 5 years ago during an election year and never returned.   He attended the OPHS PAC meeting last spring, also in an election year, to inform us that we were now in the 13th Boundary situation.  When at Yorkshire, we never had a school board member meet with the community.  I WILL be more active in all the school in the Coles District meeting with special interest groups, tax payers and services groups.  By attending the school board meetings this year I made many contacts and listened to many constituents about their concerns.  I have met with many of the communities in a “listening tour” to hear what is on the minds of our community members as far as educational concerns and accolades. 

Involvement in PWCS


  • At Yorkshire Elementary, a very diverse Title 1 school, I served on the Parent Teacher Organization for 7 years, 3 of those years as their PTO President, as well as on the School Advisory Council, School Counselling Committee and as a parent volunteer.  We worked hard to develop strong relationships with students, families and staff in order to create a safe and enjoyable academic environment where all students are supported academically, emotionally, and culturally.
  • I served on the PWCS Principal’s Interview Panel for the Yorkshire Elementary School Principal selection.
  • I worked closely with Marty Nohe, Coles District Supervisor, to create the Yorkshire Civic Association with the goal of bringing together residents, community businesses, schools and local government officials interested in neighborhood improvement.
  • I collected gently used children’s books and donated then to Yorkshire elementary teachers to help them expand their classroom libraries to promote literacy skills. 
  • As PTO president I also worked with the YES Principal to raise money and have the PTO pay for a computer based math skills program for the entire school to help improve math performance schoolwide. 
  • During these elementary school and middle school years, I taught Religious Education for All Saints Catholic Church and coached soccer for Northern Virginia Soccer Association.


  • While at Parkside Middle School, I served as the School Advisory Committee (SAC) Secretary for 4 years and as their President for the 2018-2019 academic year for a total of 5 years.  The goal of the SAC is to promote communication between PKMS staff and the community in order to work together for instructional program planning purposes and strategic planning. 
  • Currently I am working with PKMS to become a Purple Star School of distinction for our military families. 
  • I participated in the Comprehensive Review of PWCS Special Education Pre-K – Grade 12 programs in 2018,
  • I attended the Superintendents Advisory Council on Instruction Best Practices Conference at Ashland Elementary School for the 2016-2017 school year and again on February 14, 2019 at Forest Park High School.
  • At PKMS my children participated in the Cambridge Program, World Language Program, Global Perspectives, the Music Program, Athletics, Special Education Program and their award winning VEX Robotics and Botball Program.
  • I volunteered extensively in Parkside including at the 1st Annual Unified Games hosted by PKMS in Spring 2019.


  • Since Fall 2017, I have served on the Principal’s Advisory Council at Osbourn Park High School. The Principal’s Advisory Council (PAC) involves open chair time where topics and questions can be discussed directly with the Principal. Agenda items are also discussed as part of the school’s strategic plan.
  • I serve on OPHS Athletic Boosters and actively involved with the OPHS BioTechnology Program, OPHS Music Boosters, OPHS PTSO and as of next year the NJROTC Program.  All three boys will be at OPHS as of Fall 2019.
  • In the Fall 2018, I attended the Superintendent’s Business Breakfast hosted by Dr. Walts as a volunteer parent with VEX Robotics.
  • In the Winter 2019, I attended the CTE Career Connections Event at the Edward Kelly Center promoting Apprenticeships.
  • I was also cordially invited to the PWCS 2019 Outstanding Educators Reception at Colgan HS. 
  • I attended all of the PWCS School Board Meetings in the 2018-2019 School year except one due to an outpatient medical procedure as well as all of the meetings so far in the 2019-2020 school year.

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