Carole Potts

I’m having a bit of an “ah ha” or a “well of course” moment over here.  I can’t think of a more natural fit,  YOU stepping into a role on the Board?  Why isn’t that already a thing?  Your experience, knowledge, years spent in the classroom, and wow…all that passion for the kids (at school! yours! mine! whoever is lucky enough to find themselves in your orbit!)  would be such a boon.  I wish you the best of luck!

Stefani Joosten

This is my dear friend &  Yorkshire PTO comrade.  I’ve worked side by side with her & know exactly what she is made of, all heart!  She’s a mom, educator and community advocate.  She has the heart to go the distance.  You Rock Jackie!  I hope you win so you can fight the good fight.

Jennifer Wood

I can’t say enough good things about Jackie Gaston’s integrity, thoughtfulness, commitment to education and kindness.  She would be an excellent addition the PWCS Board.  Delighted to see that  she is running.